Our Story

With knowledge comes power and with power, comes the ability to create change.

Compost Me ®  Compostable Packaging provides compostable packaging solutions to the New Zealand and Australian market.


We work with businesses to innovative packaging that help companies reduce their daily impact on the environment in this time of change. 

We are proud to be educating market leaders and assisting them to change the way they produce and consume packaging.

Currently there are very few certified companies in NZ, that have a similar offer of standard cornstarch packaging and high-end compostable laminates that are certified Home Compostable. 

We are here to help businesses get real about their packaging right from the start. 

Compost Me work with businesses from design, testing and production. 


Our Vision

"To Leave a Greener Legacy for Future Generations"

The Future 

We are working hard to communicate to as many people about the benefits of Certified Home Compostable packaging solutions and alternatives. 


Working with the right industry leaders, to roll out the change to alternative packaging solutions is imperative. We acknowledge the efforts that go into changing what companies have always done, to something that is better for us and the environment.


"Consumers today are actively looking and asking for compostable solutions. We must ensure that we are getting the right certified compostable solutions to the market."

The Next Big Piece 

In the next 5 years we want to have changed the way we all think about all single use packaging. We want to have realistic compostable alternatives that are fit for purpose. Working with like minded companies to make a difference. 


Compost Me want to educate and reinvest into establishing a true circular economy and end of life process for all compostable packaging. 


Our impact is not just environmental but also a social one, that can positively impact future generations.

Our Mission

To eliminate single use plastics by supplying  Compostable products that are designed to be part of a circular economy.


The concept of closing the loop with nature is an industrial system that aims to eliminate waste, by returning the resources back into nature.


We need everybody to understand the impact packaging has on our environment and we need to get smart about providing solutions.


We are excited to be educating and supplying market leaders, by changing the way we consume and produce packaging. 


Compost Me has a clear vision


“To Leave a Greener Legacy for Future Generations”


Do you want to be part of this journey?

Our Values


Keep it  Simple - Lets start looking at what we can do.

Keep it Honest - We will always provide and supply fully Certified Compostable Solutions.

Keep it Real - Working alongside with what nature does best.